Frequently Asked Questions

How does TrackR work?

TrackR devices use customer replaceable batteries. TrackRs are enabled by Bluetooth low energy, so the range of connectivity is up to 100ft. The TrackR offers multiple features that may be utilized within this 100ft, such as the 2-way ring feature and last known location feature. Once a user separates from their TrackR tagged item, the user receives a notification and can see the last known location of their lost item on a map.

Beyond this 100ft range, the Crowd GPS feature. Crowd GPS enables you to find your items after they have been lost. When an item goes missing with a TrackR device attached, all TrackR enabled phones will begin to search for that item. When another TrackR app user passes nearby the lost item, that user’s phone will anonymously ping our server to update the item’s owner with new GPS coordinates of when & where it was last seen.

We currently have the largest active Crowd GPS network. We aim to continue building this network so the updates become more real-time, ensuring any lost item will be found. Check out this link to see the network in your area!

What is Crowd GPS?

Crowd GPS is a new way to locate lost items without a monthly fee or expensive GPS device. Crowd GPS requires another TrackR user to walk by the lost item to update the owner of the lost item with a GPS update of where the item is located.  You can learn more and see a map of Crowd GPS coverage at this link.

We understand that Bluetooth tags are a new technology and that there is plenty of room for growth in our network. We currently hold the largest Crowd GPS network in the world and plan to maintain this lead.

What are the differences between the TrackR wallet, sticker and bravo?

TrackR wallet is an ultra thin device that can easily slip inside a wallet or be attached to any commonly misplaced item via a lanyard. It has been designed specifically to comfortably fit inside any wallet and withstand being sat on continuously.

TrackR sticker is our smallest TrackR device, and is about the size of a quarter. For this reason, it is very multi-functional. It can be attached to numerous items via adhesive backing or lanyard.

TrackR bravo is thin like the TrackR wallet – about 1 mm thinner – and multi-functional like TrackR sticker- round and discrete so it can be attached or stuck to anything. It is about the size of a half dollar. In addition, TrackR bravo is designed from the same aluminum as popular Apple products so it’s very sleek and durable, and features a brand new battery tray that makes replacing batteries easier than ever before. TrackR bravo also offers custom laser engraved messages, multiple color options, and accessories, which include water resistant case and metal carabiner.

Is my phone compatible with TrackR?

TrackR requires a tablet or phone to be running the TrackR app in the background. Bluetooth must be left on in the background (don’t worry, our engineers have minimized the battery drain on your phone by leaving Bluetooth on). TrackR works with:

  • Devices with iOS 8 & up
  • Android 4.4 & Later with Bluetooth Low Energy *

* To find out if your Android phone is compatible, simply download and install the TrackR app from Google Play

If I buy multiple TrackRs, can I share them with friends and family?

TrackR devices can be shared with family and friends, as long as those you are sharing with have a compatible phone and have downloaded the free TrackR app. Although users cannot connect two phones to one TrackR devices simultaneously, multiple TrackR devices may be connected to one phone at a time. If you are purchasing a TrackR multi-pack and would like to give away some of the devices to a friend or family member, please feel free!

How many TrackR devices can be paired to my phone or tablet?

Apple iOS devices can pair up to 10 TrackR devices at a time. Android devices can pair anywhere from 1-10 depending on the manufacturer and the operating system version.

Are Windows or Blackberry phones compatible?

Unfortunately, TrackR does not hold current plans to extend support to phones other than iOS and Android 4.4 devices (with Bluetooth 4.0). Although we would love to, we do not have the appropriate resources to do so at this time. We may consider this in the future as our company continues to grow. For updates, please stay tuned on social media. We appreciate your interest in TrackR products!

What sets TrackR apart from the competition?

We’re excited to hear that many companies have created alternative solutions within this area of technology, since we’ve launched our first intelligent item-tracking device in 2010.

With TrackR you don’t need to order a new device every year as the battery is easily replaceable. TrackR has 2-way finding capabilities so you can also locate your misplaced phone. And, because we offer both iOS and Android support, our Crowd GPS network is larger so you get more updates for where your lost items are.

TrackR remains the leader in Crowd GPS technology, with the largest Crowd GPS network to date.

Can I use the TrackR on humans?

TrackR is meant to prevent and locate misplaced or stolen items. I’m sorry to say that we do not advise that TrackR be used on people. We would recommend that you look into live GPS tracking service instead.

Is there a service fee or a monthly fee?

Beyond the price of the TrackR device, there are no other charges required. The TrackR app can be downloaded for free in Apple’s App Store or in the Google Play Store.

Is TrackR waterproof?

TrackR devices are water-resistant, not waterproof. So unfortunately, they can’t be submerged in water, but are able to withstand light moisture.

With the purchase of our newest product, TrackR bravo, we offer a water resistant casing great for active TrackR users looking to keep their devices protected from the elements. For more info and photos of the accessories that we offer, please feel free to visit this article.

What is the battery life of a TrackR? Is it replaceable?

With normal use, the TrackR battery will last up to 1 year.

TrackR sticker and TrackR wallet use CR 2016 batteries, and the TrackR bravo uses CR 1616 batteries.

These can all be replaced, and are available at the local grocery or hardware store.

My device batteries came dead upon arrival! What do I do?

If your batteries are dead, please email and title your email BATTERIES DOA, and a support rep will be in contact.

Does TrackR work in my country?

Yes, TrackR devices work around every corner of the globe, as long as you have a compatible smart phone or tablet. We ship internationally for just a £10 shipping fee!

What is the TrackR Return Policy?

Items must be returned in FULL packaging within 14 days for a full refund.