Iphone Key Tracker

We have an iphone key tracker available here at The TrackR UK,  which features an app distance indicator allowing you to find your keys even at a distance. There is a crowd GPS which means that when your keys go missing with the device attached, all of the enabled smart devices will begin to search for the missing keys, soon after you can expect your device to bleep to help you find your key. When another user is nearby your missing keys you can expect the user’s smart device to ping our server then you will be sent the device information and GPS coordinates within seconds. As well as the features mentioned there is also a two way alert which prevents you from leaving your house without your keys.

The TrackR UK  has gained a reliable reputation for the quality of the iphone key tracker that we can provide. This quality has also meant that our tracking devices have been more popular than ever before!

The iphone key tracker that we can provide is compatible with:

  • Iphone 4S®
  • Iphone 5®
  • Iphone 5C
  • Iphone 5S
  • Or later with iOS 7

We sell a variety of TrackR devices so you can keep all of your valuable items safe, and avoid those awful moments of realisation that you have left your phone at home when already stuck in motorway traffic!

Any questions about our TrackR products?  Contact us at enquiries@trackr-uk.co.uk

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