“I’ve lost my phone!”

If you regularly hear yourself shouting “I’ve lost my phone!”  we can offer you the perfect solution. We have a variety of different tracking devices available for those who want to track their phone, allowing our customers to find their phone each and every time that they lose it.

The tracking devices we have available provide a number of features and specifications, these include:

  • When you go to track your phone you will be able to ring your misplaced smartphone with the TrackR device button, this can ring regardless of whether your device is on silent or not
  • There is a two way alter which prevents you from leaving your mobile device behind
  • There is no need to recharge with this tracking device, this is because it runs on a 2 replaceable battery that can last up to one year with proper use
  • Our tracking devices can include 2-CR 2016 3V  batteries, C2-3V Li-MnO290mAh, 1-Keyring lanyard and a Setup guide

This amazing technology means you will never leave the house without your phone again.  If you go out of the front door without your phone, the Trackr device on your house/car keys will let you know!

If your phone ends up beneath a cushion on your sofa, simply press the TrackR device and your phone will let you know where it is!  If you can find your phone, but have lost your keys the same technology can help, use the app on your phone to find out where your keys are!

As the first UK retailers of the TrackR products, and as an established family business, we offer customer service and an after sales service that is second to none.

If you have any questions about the TrackR devices, speak to us and never hear yourself say the words “I’ve lost my phone!” again….



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