Key Locator For An Iphone

At TrackR UK we are the first exclusive distributors of the TrackR devices which means that we have exclusive rights and license to sell this product to those who may require a key locator for an iphone.

Our key locating device is able to display the distance between yourself and your keys which means that finding your keys has never been easier. With a quick tap of your finger you will be able to cause your missing keys to ring, which helps you when it comes to searching for your keys. If another user has a key locator for an iphone and they walk past your keys then you will be updated with your keys latest location.

Those who come to us for our tracking devices don’t need to worry about batteries, this is because our batteries can last for over a year and are easy to replace.

Our key tracking devices are suitable for anyone who has an iphone regardless of whether the model is an iphone 4s, iphone 5, 5S, 5C or an ipad.

People who have purchased a key locator for an iphone have spoken highly of the quality of our tracking devices and this has meant that more people have came to us than ever before!

If you would like to find out more about our tracking devices then you should contact us. Our team will then be able to talk to you about the different tracking devices that we have available and the costs associated with each, at this point we will also be able to answer any questions that you might have about our tracking devices.

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