Lost Phone Tracker

If you are in need of a lost phone tracker then you have arrived at the right place! We have been providing tracking devices for a number of years now, being the first official UK supplier of the TrackR lost phone tracker devices.

By using a lost phone tracker you will be able to receive GPS updates of where your items are located using our Crowd GPS. Our crowd GPS works by searching for your phone, when another user is nearby your phone the user’s smart phone will ping our server and we will then send the device information and GPS coordinates within seconds to you.

Another feature of using one of our lost phone trackers is that you will be able to ring your misplaced phone, even if your phone is on silent. So if you have misplaced your phone and your phone is on silent you don’t need to worry, we can help you find it.

The lost phone tracker is compatible for all types of smartphones including:

  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5s or later with iOS 7
  • iPad with retina display, iPad mini or later, iOS 7
  • Android 4.4.3 devices with Bluetooth 4.0 support


As an established family business with many years of experience in retail, we offer a customer and after sales service that is second to none.

Order your TrackR device today, never lose your phone again!

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