Misplaced Items

In today’s modern world, it is common to find that you have misplaced items, and it is even more common for this to hinder a person’s day in more ways than they would have thought possible. TrackR-UK are the exclusive distributors of TrackR devices in the UK: an exclusive range of top quality tracking devices to help you locate and keep track of your items.

TrackR is a highly advanced device that makes finding your misplaced items even easier than before.  The free TrackR app displays how close you are to your item and emits a high pitched alarm when requested, even for phones that are on silent.  T

Our tracking devices work in two ways: connecting your device to the free TrackR app means that you can find the item your TrackR is connected to, or you can use this item to find the device that your app is connected to should you ever lose this.

TrackR is an essential device for those of us who are prone to losing or having misplaced items.   With a unique two track tracking system, you can set your TrackR device to alert you when you get over 100 yards from your item, ensuring that you do not leave behind something that you need for your day-to-day schedule.

TrackR offer top quality devices to all customers, including a Wallet TrackR and a Sticker TrackR that enable you to keep track of your items even when you’re on the move – these tracking devices use GPS and therefore can determine the distance between you and your items no matter where you are.  Both devices are discreet and easily carried on your person or attached to your items.

With highly trained professional Sales staff on hand to deal with your queries, here at TrackR-UK we ensure that all customers receive only the best service from both staff and devices alike.  We offer FREE Post and Packaging for customers in the UK and the price of our devices themselves are highly affordable given their quality and guarantee.

Put an end to your misplaced items drama and order your Trackr-UK device today!



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