Trackr Bravo

TrackR Bravo is the slimmest and most elegant tracking device that has ever been created by the world’s largest crowd GPS network.

Those who come to us for the TrackR Bravo can make use of the trackr app which is available on iphones and android phones, this makes it a lot easier to locate your items.

We took a different approach and focused on ensuring that we used the best techniques and materials to create the thinnest tracking device ever.  There is a distance indicator with our Trackr bravo which means that the trackr app will display the distance between you and your items which lets you know how far away your item(s) are. As well as this there is a item ringer which means that trackr can ring your misplaced item(s), if your phone is the misplaced item then you can expect it to ring regardless of whether it is on silent or not.

As the first and exclusive retailers of the TrackR Bravo device in the UK, we as an established and experienced family run business offer you our excellent customer service.  If you have any queries at all about the TrackR Bravo device, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


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