Wallet Locator

Here at TrackR UK  we understand how frustrating it can be to lose or misplace your items.  Many of us spend quite a long period of time searching for items over the week and TrackR are now offering a wallet locator product to help save time and keep your items around you when you need them.

Unfortunately, one of the most commonly misplaced items are wallets and purses and this can disrupt a persons entire day.  Here at TrackR we have founded a product that will make this a thing of the past: the Wallet TrackR wallet locator device.

The Wallet TrackR is one of the highest quality tracking devices on the market today and incorporates a variety of features to ensure that your wallet is never lost.  Using a two way alert, the Wallet TrackR ensures that you are alerted as soon as your wallet is left behind and the free app provides a distance locator so you know how far you are from your wallet.  In accordance with this, the tracking device emits a customized alert to help you find your wallet quickly and easily.

We have also included a Crowd GPS to ensure that, should your wallet be left behind when you are away from home, the app will log the last known location of your wallet.  Given that you are further than 100 feet from your wallet, GPS will be out of range and will not log any changes in location – but you need not worry about never finding your item because should a fellow TrackR user pass your item, their device will pick up your TrackR’s ID and update your app with the GPS location of your item.

TrackR-UK are exclusive distributors of TrackR products and we offer FREE Postage & Packaging for all UK customers.  All of our products come at a fixed price to ensure that you are not handing over money for anything over a period of time or subject to unexpected charges.

The Wallet TrackR ensures that you need never worry about losing or leaving your wallet behind again.

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